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The Tape Recorder Experts
how things change...

Many years have come and gone since our inception and if you haven't noticed, the recording scene, the music, the artists, and the technology have been changing quickly. Dramatically so in the recent past!

For 30 years, we've been the "go-to-guys" for many things analog - the tape recorder experts. Now it seems that many of you have gone over to "the dark side" and we can't say that we blame you.

The transition to digital storage and reproduction of everything was inevitable! Progress or no, good sound or not, the analog vs. digital debate is now mute (probably always was!). For "oldtimers" like us, it's too late to get on board the "D" train and hell, there ain't nothin' worth fixin' there anyway!

The cold hard truth is that restoring multitrack, tape based recorders is no longer a viable business... The return isn't worth the effort. Mastering and mix down decks are still hot - particularly so, the Ampex ATR-100. With less and less interest in pure analog tape recording, waiting around for that big "Reel-to-Reel revival" is getting to be more and more difficult. That said, however, rumors of our demise, tossing in the towel and such are premature and not to be believed.

It is true that of necessity, we have diversified and have ventured into areas "non-audio" which put our mechanical and electromechanical skills to use. To some extent, we have limited production of some items found in our audio catalog and many items are now available at significant savings. If you are one who expects to remain on the south bound analog train, I suggest that you pick-up on parts that may help to keep your machine(s) running down the tracks.

We will continue to remanufacture, support and service the venerable ATR-100 and our ATR-100 customers for some, as yet undetermined time. And, as demand warrants, we will continue to produce the needed machine parts and aftermarket products you ask for.

For those of you justifyably insane "analog-ees" - we feel your pain! It's a new world and time to face the music even if it is on a CD!